Wilson Family - Northern Virginia Maternity Photographer

One of my favorite parts of my job as a photographer is meeting new people. People I may have never crossed paths with. I get to hear stories and observe connections while photographing them.

My most recent session with the Wilson family reminded me of just how blessed I am to get those opportunities.

This little growing family just stole my heart from the moment we exchanged emails to the end of our session. It made me miss my own family in the short time I was away! This might just be one of my favorite sessions all year.

Thank you Wilson Family for being so open and trusting me to photograph such a special moment for you.


top moments to capture this summer - northern virginia photographer

How many summers have gone by and you wonder, 'WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?!'. How many times do you find that your images don't quite bring you back to the good summer days? How many times do you wish you captured that time with friends and family? Well, summer is approaching and I'm here to help you capture your best moments!

Whether you plan to capture your summer on a cell phone or digital camera, this list is an easy way to remember when to bust out your device and snap away. 

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1. Summer nights - my favorite!

How good does it feel to finally have the sunset when you can actually make memories OUTSIDE?! Capture these moments because you'll be reminiscing about them when we have to set our clocks back in the fall. That beautiful summer sunset will warm you up in no time.



2. Quality time with friends & family

Summer time is a great time to get together with loved ones. Kids are out of school and there's more time to relax. These are some of the most important memories to record.



3. Kids and their outdoor adventures

If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE being outdoors and exploring nature. My eldest goes nuts over insects and reptiles right now. While I hope these obsessions continue, you never know what they'll be into the following year. 


4. Amusement parks

It's hard sometimes to capture images at the amusement park because everyone is so busy running around from one thing to another. Take a moment to slow it down and capture a few photos by some fun colors.


5. Pool & Beach

It can be tough to take photos near water and sand but plan ahead and you'll have some great images to remember the sunny days on the water.


*TIP* While many of us automatically think of taking pictures with everyone looking at the camera, try stepping back and taking images of people connecting. The connections are what's real and what you want to remember.



While these are just some ideas, remember that there's a balance to it all. Yes, record these special moments but also put your device down and be present!!

celebrating mom with a photo session to last a lifetime - northern virginia photographer

I can't believe it's already the end of April and we're less than two weeks from Mother's Day! Mother's day is such an important holiday for so many of us. It's a special time of year to celebrate and give thanks to the Mom in our lives. Now that I'm a mother of two little girls, the understanding and appreciation is much deeper than before kids.

If you're still wondering what to do for the Mom in your life or maybe you're a mom looking for what you'd like to recieve, you should consider the gift of a photo session and here's why:


As a mom and photographer, I am ALWAYS taking photos of my kids, husband, and others. (Have you seen my IG feed @eunicekimphotography with my kids all over it?! ) I love it and enjoy capturing our life but no matter who's the 'photographer' in the family, someone is always missing. It's rare to have images of the entire family or of mom. I'm not even talking about those perfect family photos that has everyone looking at the camera and smiling. No. I'm talking about the real moments of you connecting with each other and authentic emotions!

My family has hired a photographer every year since my soon-to-be 4 year old was born for that exact reason. To show that I was present too to play, cuddle, and be a part of the fun. Not just to observe and record. Also, my husband always complained he never had any photos of me with the kids or just the both of us - his photography skills are a work in progress. ;)


Okay, so this all sounds great and you get it. Now the "BUT'S"...

- "Mom doesn't feel confident in-front of the camera right now": Mommas if you're reading this, I will be honest with you and tell you that not once did I feel like I was camera ready. I had either just given birth or I was in a crazy, exhausting phase of parenthood. But I knew how important these sessions were so I always push to have these done. I have yet to regret a single one. Do not let a little insecurity stop you from getting into the frame with your family because I know we all have a little bit of it. I totally feel you!

"It's just too stressful to get the whole family onboard and happy for photos": I totally get it. I have two toddlers and the idea is a little stressful. But like I said, it has always been worth it and if you take the time to plan ahead and prepare, it shouldn't be as stressful as you imagine. As a photographer, I love to get involved and help with every step. From planning outfits, finding the perfect location, to covering all of your concerns. I'm here to make this a fun experience for the whole family!

"My spouse or kids hate smiling and hate having their photos taken": I hear this so often but I've also never had someone not enjoy being inside the frame. Before the session starts, I usually tell parents to tell their kids that they're having a play date with me. We'll create games, maybe sing and dance to help loosen up everyone's nerves. From there it's all about connections and emotions. Not about the perfect smile or looking at the camera. The focus will be on having fun and using our senses to stay connected with each other.


"We've never had our photos taken since our wedding": This is another common thing I hear from couples. How awkward they feel and unsure of what to do. Again, I'm here throughout every step and during the session I'll coach and direct to help with positioning. From there it's a breeze. Don't worry, there will be WAY less posing than your wedding! :)

- If you like the idea of having your everyday moments captured, inquire about an in-home lifestyle session. In-home sessions work great for those who are shy or uncomfortable in-front of the camera because it's in a place of familiarity. Little ones usually warm up quicker to the idea of having their photos taken at home as well.

So whether you're the type to do a yearly family session or just one every few years, I highly encourage you to look into hiring a professional photographer. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones. Your kids may remember Mom or Dad being present but they may not remember how you held them, how you looked at them, or how young and beautiful you were. 

Shoot me an email on my CONTACT page if you have any questions or want to move forward with a gift!