top moments to capture this summer - northern virginia photographer

How many summers have gone by and you wonder, 'WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?!'. How many times do you find that your images don't quite bring you back to the good summer days? How many times do you wish you captured that time with friends and family? Well, summer is approaching and I'm here to help you capture your best moments!

Whether you plan to capture your summer on a cell phone or digital camera, this list is an easy way to remember when to bust out your device and snap away. 

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1. Summer nights - my favorite!

How good does it feel to finally have the sunset when you can actually make memories OUTSIDE?! Capture these moments because you'll be reminiscing about them when we have to set our clocks back in the fall. That beautiful summer sunset will warm you up in no time.



2. Quality time with friends & family

Summer time is a great time to get together with loved ones. Kids are out of school and there's more time to relax. These are some of the most important memories to record.



3. Kids and their outdoor adventures

If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE being outdoors and exploring nature. My eldest goes nuts over insects and reptiles right now. While I hope these obsessions continue, you never know what they'll be into the following year. 


4. Amusement parks

It's hard sometimes to capture images at the amusement park because everyone is so busy running around from one thing to another. Take a moment to slow it down and capture a few photos by some fun colors.


5. Pool & Beach

It can be tough to take photos near water and sand but plan ahead and you'll have some great images to remember the sunny days on the water.


*TIP* While many of us automatically think of taking pictures with everyone looking at the camera, try stepping back and taking images of people connecting. The connections are what's real and what you want to remember.



While these are just some ideas, remember that there's a balance to it all. Yes, record these special moments but also put your device down and be present!!